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HiFuture Group new launched Radge

With the beginning of new year, HiFuture is all set to level up the gaming experience for you. The latest HiFuture Gaming Earbuds are designed with state of the art technology and ergonomic design that provides the best comfort and audio experience. 

Proving to be a true revolution in the gaming industry the HiFuture Radge is packed with some of the most coolest features. 

Apart from the stylish look and slick design, here are some of the best features of HiFuture Radge:

  • Low Gaming Latency at 60ms 

The biggest complaint that every gamer has with the earbuds is the annoying audio visual lagging. Latency of audio can really spoil the mood. HiFuture Radge Offers are Low Gaming Latency at 60 ms to give you the best gaming experience. . 

  • Reliable network connection 

Stay connected with your mates and keep playing. The HiFuture Radge is enhanced with Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a strong and stable connection throughout your gaming time 

  • Noise Reduction while calling for optimal experience 

No more worrying about the external noise. This HIFuture Gaming earbuds is powered with noise cancelling features for uninterrupted calling and listening. 

  • High Definition Audio Quality 

The ergonomic design and latest technology empower the HiFuture Radge to offer superior quality audio experience. 

  • Smart Touch Control

Shuffle your music or pick up calls seamlessly anytime you wish with the smooth and smart touch control sensors 

  • Cold Blue Lighting Technology 

To match up to your stylish gaming avtar are to set up a true gaming experience the HiFuture Radge are designed using the Cold Blue Lighting technology that glow up the mood every time you plug in. 

  • Option to switch between Game and Music Mode

Enjoy the best Audio Quality with HiFuture Radge with the liberty to Switch between gaming and music mode in just three taps anytime you wish.  

  • 5 hours Battery Life with Type C Fast Charging 

Stay connected for long hours without the worry of batteries drying out. The HiFUture Radge comes with upto 5 hours playtime with a battery backup of upto 20 hours. Also, the Type C Fast Charging Cases of the HiFuture Earbuds makes it easier to charge in a short time. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring home the best partner for your latest gaming console and amplify your experience like never before. The HiFuture Radge is Available at an affordable price in 30+ selected countries.

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