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All About the Elegant and Stylish TWS Earbuds HeliX

Love flaunting your style and being the page turner wherever you go? Here’s an opportunity for you to notch up your style and dazzle the world. The HiFuture Group’s HeliX is all that you need to complete your look. These stylish metallic TWS earbuds are specially design in slick look with a compact casing that make them the perfect audio accessory for all the fun occasions. 

Perfect combination of elegance and power the HiFuture HeliX is not just stylish in looks, but also powerful in performance. Enhanced with the coolest features and latest technology the HiFuture HeliX is one the best and premium most Truly Wireless Earbuds in the market. 

Designed is a super comfortable and ergonomic style. The HeliX fit comfortably in your ears without falling out. The body of the HeliX is specifically designed to offer a unique look while being lightweight and easy to carry. The Charging case of the HeliX is also designed keeping in mind the usability of the device. The Charging case comes in with a slide off top for easy access.

Here are some of the amazing features of HiFuture HeliX 

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity 

HeliX offers Bluetooth 5.0 connection for a strong and stable pairing.

Soft Bass Sound 

Listen to your tunes in the most premium quality with the Soft Bass Sound Technology of the HeliX that enhance every beat while being easy on your ears. 

Full Touch Command 

Control your tunes on the go with the full touch command sensors of the HeliX TWS earbuds. 

Stereo Call & Music

Bring Clarity to your tunes and life with the Stereo Call and Music feature of the HeliX that makes the audio of calls clearer and more audible

Upto 5 hours of Battery Backup 

Enjoy your favourite tunes on the go with the 5 hours playback time with 15 hours of  Backup in Charging Case. 

Water and Sweat Resistance 

No more worrying about the splash, the HeliX are enhanced with IPX5 splash and sweat resistance technology for an ultimate experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your pair of the latest TWS Earbuds – HeliX and add charm to your life. Available in selected 30+ countries worldwide at an affordable price. Visit to grab yours before the run out of stock! 

Workouts, training sessions, and exercising are an important part of our everyday life. While some have found the perfect exercise routine and are determined to get up everyday and hit the gym. Many of us struggle making it out of bed.

Workouts, training sessions, and exercising are an important part of our everyday life. While some have found the perfect exercise routine and are determined to get up everyday and hit the gym. Many of us struggle making it out of bed. 

Well, we cannot tell you when you will be able to find the right exercise routine. But, we can surely help you choose the best workout earbuds that will keep you motivated throughout your gym session without wearing down. 

While everyone’s exercise needs are different, we all need earbuds that keep us company as we say goodbye to those extra calories.

Here are 5 things you should look for while choosing the best TWS earbuds for your workout needs. 

Comfortable Fit 

Wireless earbuds are the best option for exercising as they give you the freedom to move without worrying about the chord. But, earbuds falling out between training sessions is the last thing you want to happen. It is not just annoying but also can break your rhythm and lead to distraction. Choosing earbuds that are ergonomically designed to fit in your ears without causing pain and discomfort is important. 

Sweat and Water Resistance

Sweating is inevitable during exercising. It is a no brainer that your workout earbuds must be able face the music without breaking down due to sweat and splash. While choosing earbuds for workout, ensure that they are sweat and water resistant. Water and sweat can damage your earbuds.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Power is a must! When choosing the best earbuds for your gym session make sure long lasting battery power tops the list. Imagine earbuds sleeping in your ears while you shed it out. Not fun right?

Earbuds with powerful batteries that are able to run through your exercising sessions without burning out or heating up are a must.

Light weight, Compact and Easy to Carry

Lift heavy, don’t wear it. One of the important points to check while choosing gym earbuds is Comfort. Heavy and uncomfortable earbuds do not make the ideal workout earbuds.

Your earbuds should be sporty just like you. Why carry the extra weight around when you are trying to shed it. While choosing the best workout earbuds make sure they are not just comfortable to use, but to carry around as well. TWS earbuds with compact charging cases are the best go to option. 

HiRes Audio Quality

The first and last point on your earbuds quality checklist should be the Audio Quality. What’s the point of fancy workout earbuds if they don’t give you the best audio experience. High Resolution Audio Quality is a must have in every earbuds. Whether they are for your gym sessions or everyday use. 

Choose the earbuds that pass on all the above points to get the most out of your workout session.

Feeling overwhelmed on how to choose the right gym earbuds? 

Leave that to us. Our team of experts at HiFuture have already taken all the points into consideration and crafted TWS earbuds that are just perfect for your workout, sports sessions, and even daily needs. 

Go cycling, trekking or lift those heavy weights, without worrying about the performance of your earbuds. Checkout the stylish and powerful Tws Earbuds Series by HiFuture Group and find your perfect workout partner.