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Be a Voice that Matters - The Era of Sound

Storytelling is a way of life that lets people express their feelings and be a voice that matters, cares, and is heard. Words and audio play a crucial and non-negotiable part when it comes to storytelling. Without sound, it feels like expressions and storytelling have lost their souls. When the first silent movie, The Great Train Robbery was released, people were overjoyed and loved every bit of it. But filmmakers and directors knew that this concept lacked something.

Silent movies were more like mime on a screen, emotions were hard to be expressed and only scenes could be exposed and portrayed through movements or expressions. After a lot of research and experiments, filmmakers came up with a way to record sound and put it in movies and then came an era from which there was no looking back. The first musical film, The Jazz Singer (1927), starring Al Jolson, introduced the sound era of motion pictures. People were overwhelmed with this sudden change in motion pictures and now emotions and feelings could not only be expressed through expressions, but voice, music, and songs as well.

The perspectives of people and cinema goers changed overtime and there was the dawn of a new revolution that sound had started. So, you see that as humans, we are extremely vulnerable to sound. Good sound, good tunes, melodies, and words make us happy, they generate positive feelings and tonics in our body and keep us going. Whereas, crass cacophony, harsh sound, noise, or unwanted and unfiltered words, create despair and agony. They make us sad and lower the level of happy tonics in our body.

Not only natural sound, but artificial sound that human ears hear everyday in this modern and technologically upgraded world, is important for the human ear. Any form of alteration that is not suitable for the ear can lead to hearing impairment or loss and can cause damage to the eardrums, again leading one back to the silent era. We are used to using earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and sound systems to listen to music, get on calls, watch movies, or play games. But rarely do we ever dwell deeper or try to understand what good or bad it is doing to our ears. Many speakers have extremely loud sound but are crass creating a disturbing sound element in the room. Some speakers do not even come in the category of speakers because their sound quality is so low. But still, we hardly read about them or pay attention to their pros and cons and buy them.

Even if you don’t care for yourself, we at HiFuture Group do care about you sincerely. In order to give you the best surround sound experience, our team of engineers and innovators have created the best ever Bluetooth Speaker with the best audio quality that will awe you. It will not only care for your ears but will also make sure that the volume is sufficient for everyone in the room to listen. It will be your best partner on all occasions with its easy going portable nature and will never disappoint you. Its sound quality will transport you into a different reality which will be as good as silently sitting and watching the rain. Because at HiFuture, we not only care about sound, we care about the music that silence procures too. 

To know more about our new product, its features, and qualities, save the date for 22nd July, 2021 and watch out for our social media pages and website

We are excited, are you?

Experience Sound that Cares

Sound is an important part of our life; may it be words, singing, alarm clock, ticking of a clock, music, or even silence. Auditory senses are a crucial part of our senses and anything that supports that sense, needs to be par excellence. 

The Primary Problem

When it comes to stereo sound, there are many problems starting from power backup, wire tangling and untangling, portability, and many more. Out of all these, the center of attraction is the audio quality or in some cases, the noise it procures. Audio doesn’t only mean loudness; loudness can be provided by any equipment along with a crass cacophony that accompanies it. What matters is the audio quality that not only reaches to all the ears present in the room, but also provides a soothing feeling as equivalent to that of silence. You may have equipment that has blast sound, but rarely will you find equipment that gives an overall soothing audio experience without a crass cacophony. The compatibility of an equipment with you is a major factor for the success of anything you are looking forward to.

Sound for HiFuture

We all are influenced by sound and its effects are immense on our lives. We function with sound and every sound matters for us, even the silence. So, how would it be if silence became an effective sound and we would get to experience a sound that is so soothing to the ears that it almost is as pleasant as being quiet? 

At HiFuture, we care about sound and the audio quality that we offer you, in return, cares for you. We believe that loudness shouldn’t only be a factor when considering surround sound and audio that everyone can hear clearly. We wholeheartedly believe that the quality of sound and the feelings that it procures, matter the most during an audio experience. So, to make your audio experience memorable, HiFuture is coming up with something that will change the definition of surround sound for you and will provide you with the best audio experience ever. We are going to surprise you with something unexpected that will reveal the true soul of audio to you.

A Story of Success

Rose got up in the morning while her alarm went crazy on her. She shut it and hurriedly got up, it was a big day for her.  She was to give a presentation at her office and she needed to be prepared for it. She quickly packed everything she needed and hurried to reach her office. Meanwhile, she packed something very unexpected with her; something nobody would generally pack for any presentation because it’s already present in office spaces.

Rose reached the office and entered the meeting room where she set everything up, including what she had brought with her. After 10 mins, all the board members entered the room and Rose greeted them. After the greeting, Rose switched on the presentation and there was pin drop silence. More than the presentation, the audio, the voice modulations, and the music intrigued everyone. They could hear each and every thing clearly like crystal; not one word was unclear or was missed. The room was silent but the presentation spoke in its own tune. It felt as if the presentation was speaking to each person individually and telling its story to them with care. Rose’s strategy of packing her favourite thing with her was successful. It paid off well and the board members were impressed. But what was that mysterious thing that influenced everyone so beautifully and gave Rose the success she deserved?

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our webpage and social media pages for the final reveal.

Make Yourself Heard with 4 Mic Calling Technology

Can you hear me clearly now?

Victor Hugo once rightfully said, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Similarly, in V for Vendetta, the punchline was ‘Ideas are Bulletproof’. So, many notions for ideas and so many thoughts; but what is the use of an idea that is choked in the surrounding sound and cannot be clearly heard? It is either misinterpreted or completely ignored! An idea is strong enough to be visualized only when it is communicated clearly and heard clearly. 

The Monday morning blues are closing in quickly but Tina is super enthusiastic, Monday blues don’t mean anything to her today. She is going to give the pitch of her career to her superiors over video conferencing and she is excited because her Pitch is PERFECT. There are going to 6 Head of Departments who will listen to her pitch and will decide if it’s worth taking a shot or not. She gets ready in her best shirt and trousers, logs in to the meeting room, and puts on her ordinary earbuds. Meanwhile, the meeting starts and she is ready for her pitch. However, during the entire pitch, Tina is distracted due to the external sounds in the background of the other participants who, from time to time, forget to mute themselves. She has to ask twice in order to clearly hear what the person on the other side is trying to say or ask her. Though her pitch was perfect, her presentation was not and Tina was sad and anxious at the end thinking about the failure her earbuds caused her. Let’s find out what could have helped her put across her message clearly and be heard. 

As meagre as it may seem or sound, your headphones or earbuds play a crucial role in virtual meetings because they are the bridge between you and the ones you are trying to strike a proper conversation with. With the onset of Work from Home and meetings along with several people on the call and many of them unintentionally forgetting to mute themselves, it can get difficult for you to present your ideas or even strike a meaningful conversation. That is where ENC or Environmental Noise Cancellation comes in.

HiFuture Group’s SmartPods 2 are embedded with the 4 mic calling technology and Environmental Noise Cancellation that blocks any external sound on the other side of the call. The 4 mic calling system amplifies the audio you are listening to and helps you convey your message clearly. 

But what is ENC that the 4 mic calling system is embedded with?

Many people have been wondering about this question before buying any earbuds; however, the answer is quite simple. Environmental Noise Cancellation or ENC Headphones have a tendency to block external noise to help the user have an enhanced experience. Moreover, it helps in having a better sound quality, protects the ear, amplifies the sound on the other end, and much more. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) can effectively suppress 90% of the negative Environmental Noise, can reduce the ambient Noise up to 35dB, thus, making it suitable for a noise and distraction free calling experience. 

HiFuture’s SmartPods 2 use this technique and cancels all the external noise that you might face during a conversation. So now, you won’t have to yell during a meeting and say “Can you hear me now?” or “Can you repeat yourself?”

You are all set to express yourself and make your ideas heard!

When the entire world is going digital in every aspect starting from schools to office meetings, we, at HiFuture Group, have decided to participate in the MWC Barcelona physically. HiFuture’s vision, in spite of being a technology company, is to keep the human touch alive. With this vision in mind, our team participated in this year’s MWC Barcelona at Booth Number 1H40

We strongly believe that to justify our ambition as a global brand and reach out to the international audience, it is imperative that we take the leap of faith when nobody else is taking. Leading electronic companies decided to participate in the MWC Barcelona virtually whereas we decided that nothing beats a human and physical presence in interacting with our customers who are also our Heroes. Our mission is to increase our International engagement and reach out to all our current and potential customers in all possible platforms. We believe that our technology is the one of the future that not only is high-tech, but is also luxurious and comfortable for daily use. Our aim is to provide this message to everyone across the globe that HiFuture can handhold you into walking into the future with its State of the Art products and also not cause a hole in your pocket in the meantime.

Our goal in MWC Barcelona is to simply let our Vision and Mission for a technologically better future shine. Our group of engineers and innovators create every product keeping in mind our users because We are You. Your luxury, comfort, and effective use of technology in day to day life is our main motto. We value experience highly and thus, we are present at MWC Barcelona at Booth Number 1H40 to provide you with a valuable and human experience of our leading luxury consumer electronics products. We don’t believe in sitting back when we can be there on the center stage of Innovation and innovate alongside our customers and interact with them. We aim to interact with as many people as possible during the 4 day event of MWC Barcelona and create a holistic experience and approach towards our brand. We aspire to end the MWC Barcelona 2021 event on a high note and with a lot of experiences shared and gathered. The more we interact with you, the more we get to understand your expectations from us. With these experiences gathered, we hope to see our products cross oceans and seas and reach houses and people like never before.

MWC Barcelona is live till 1st July 2021 and HiFuture is waiting for you at Booth number 1H40.

Our lifestyle is evolving. Smart wearable gadgets have undeniably made our lives easier. Innovation in technology has allowed us to constantly stay connected. There is no denying the fact that technology influences a major part of our lifestyle. But on the hind side, while gadgets bring numerous benefits. Carrying too many gadgets can be a daunting task.

Our goal at HiFuture is to make products that seamlessly blend into your daily life and enhance your way of living. So to notch up your level of style and comfort. Our team of innovators and engineers have crafted the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses that will be the next big thing that will blend into your daily life. 

HiFuture EY+ are designed in a way that allows you to stay connected while offering a complete hands free experience. Just replace your regular pair of sunglasses with the HiFuture EY+ Smart sunglasses and you are all set to conquer the day! 

The EY+ smart sunglasses are made from ultra lightweight material that gives them a luxurious look, while being super comfortable to wear. While there are many features that will make you fall in love with this stylish smart wearable. Top Features that make EY+ stand out are its built-in advanced mic calling system and Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses work both as a smart wearable and a lifestyle accessory. Turn on the device and get your work done with technology at your disposal. And when you wish to relax get ready for an adventure with your TR90 EMS frame stylish sunglasses that are Water and Sweat Resistant.The EY+ sunglasses also comes with polarized lenses coated with Anti-UV and blue ray protection to keep your vision safe 

With EY+ you can answer calls, listen to music, and do much more with the smart control sensors on the frame of your sunglasses. Moreover, HiFuture EY+ comes with powerful and rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Apart from the highly commendable smart features. What makes smart glasses a desirable gadget is. As they go over your ear unlike the Bluetooth headphones. Smart glasses can offer an avid range of benefits in daily life. Such as:

  • Mobility and freedom to multitask.
  • Better concentration and eyes on the road. 
  • Enhanced comfort and safety.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Subtle and smart look.

So switch to a smarter way of living with the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses and flair up your style. Available at an affordable price in 30+ countries around the world. The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses are all set to take the smart wearable industry at a whole new level. To know more about the HiFuture EY+ and other smart wearable devices by HiFuture. Visit today.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel: The New Shining Armour of HiFuture Smartwatches

Nothing compares to the shine of a metal piece when it comes to accessories, especially in wrist watches. The love for metallic finish in wristwatches has been eternal. Although a lot has changed with time, the importance of a classic metallic accessory to add charm to your attire still remains unmatched. 

Wearing metallic accessories comes with its challenges such as heavy weight, increased chances of corrosion, dirt settling and much more. But the love for metal has always had innovators looking for new solutions. 

The latest 316 grade stainless is the boon of this innovation and technological advancement. Crafted to be lighter in weight and more resistant to corrosion and damage, the 316 stainless steel is a promising metal for gadgets and accessories. 

316 stainless is robust and very popularly used in making watches. Some of the top qualities of 316 stainless steel includes: 

  1. The 316 stainless steel is much Lighter in weight as compared to other metals used to make smartwatches. 
  2. It is said to be more resistant to heat and corrosion. 
  3. The 316 stainless steel also has a Bare, Glossy surface and looks significantly grayer and matte in comparison, which makes it a perfect choice to craft a stylish timepiece form. 
  4. 316 stainless steel is colorfast i.e. If the stainless steel looks discolored, it is dirt that can be removed with a dry cloth.
  5. It is easy to coat so that the watch case does not always have to be silver-colored. Meaning, your favorite color now in classic metal look! 

This amazing list of qualities is what made 316 stainless steel pass through the HiFuture Group‘s standard of quality to be used in one of our premium smartwatches – the HiGear. 

Click here to check out the look and feel of this mesmerizing smartwatch and to get one for yourself.

HiFuture Group new launched Radge

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All About the Elegant and Stylish TWS Earbuds HeliX

Love flaunting your style and being the page turner wherever you go? Here’s an opportunity for you to notch up your style and dazzle the world. The HiFuture Group’s HeliX is all that you need to complete your look. These stylish metallic TWS earbuds are specially design in slick look with a compact casing that make them the perfect audio accessory for all the fun occasions. 

Perfect combination of elegance and power the HiFuture HeliX is not just stylish in looks, but also powerful in performance. Enhanced with the coolest features and latest technology the HiFuture HeliX is one the best and premium most Truly Wireless Earbuds in the market. 

Designed is a super comfortable and ergonomic style. The HeliX fit comfortably in your ears without falling out. The body of the HeliX is specifically designed to offer a unique look while being lightweight and easy to carry. The Charging case of the HeliX is also designed keeping in mind the usability of the device. The Charging case comes in with a slide off top for easy access.

Here are some of the amazing features of HiFuture HeliX 

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity 

HeliX offers Bluetooth 5.0 connection for a strong and stable pairing.

Soft Bass Sound 

Listen to your tunes in the most premium quality with the Soft Bass Sound Technology of the HeliX that enhance every beat while being easy on your ears. 

Full Touch Command 

Control your tunes on the go with the full touch command sensors of the HeliX TWS earbuds. 

Stereo Call & Music

Bring Clarity to your tunes and life with the Stereo Call and Music feature of the HeliX that makes the audio of calls clearer and more audible

Upto 5 hours of Battery Backup 

Enjoy your favourite tunes on the go with the 5 hours playback time with 15 hours of  Backup in Charging Case. 

Water and Sweat Resistance 

No more worrying about the splash, the HeliX are enhanced with IPX5 splash and sweat resistance technology for an ultimate experience.

So what are you waiting for? Get your pair of the latest TWS Earbuds – HeliX and add charm to your life. Available in selected 30+ countries worldwide at an affordable price. Visit to grab yours before the run out of stock! 

Be Spoiled for Choices: HiFuture Group’s Range of Smart Wearables

There’s a lot a smartwatch can do for you, from tracking your fitness routine to keeping you updated with the latest happening. A simple accessory tied around your wrist can make your life much easier and simpler. Gadgets and technology have evolved to serve us with the best and make our life easier. There are many options available in the market today. But when it comes to picking the best one, you always want something that is smart in feature and adds charms to your outfit. 

So to give you the best of both worlds, HiFuture Group has launched a series of smart watches that has everything you need in a smartwatch. From a sturdy, strong, durable body to smart tracking features that keep your health and wellness in check. 

Be spoiled for choices with the four latest Smartwatches by HiFuture Group you can choose from to make your style stand out and live smart: 


HiMate is the best gadget partner for all those who love to seek adventures and live life on the go.  Made for life on the move the HiFuture HiMate is super comfortable, stylish and comes with multi screen mode to match your style and mood. You can choose between the fitness mode options to match your workout routines and stay updated. 

With the HiFuture HiMate you get features like heart rate monitoring, pedometer, workout mode, ability to sync with your smart device and get notification updates, and much more. Available in two color variants of black and white the HiFuture HiMate are the most stunning smartwatch of 2020.



Add charm to your look with the stylish and elegant HiFuture HiWave. 

Perfect for all occasions the HiFuture HiWave is crafted to keep you on top of your game while you ride the trend wave in style. 

This classic looking designer smartwatch is enhanced with the best fitness features that let you track your health and personal goals with precision. Not just that, the HiWave also comes with IP68 Waterproof protection and replaceable strap making it your best partner in all adventures. 

Available in two color variants of Black and Rose Gold, HiWave is a designer smartwatch suitable for both Men and Women. Bring home the HiFuture HiWave today and match your style to make a glamorous move!



A sporty smartwatch best choice for all athletes and sports lovers. The HiFuture HiTime is designed to give the best comfort during workouts while effectively tracking your progress. The HiTime comes with IP86 waterproof protection to keep your smart gear safe from sweat and splash. It comes with bluetooth connectivity, Android and IOS compatibility for a complete experience.

Hitime comes in three colour variants of Black, Rose Gold and Blue with replaceable straps to give you the freedom to flaunt your unique style.  



The HiFuture HiGear is a classic stainless steel masterpiece created with 316 grade stainless steel which gives a premium look to your attire and leaves a lasting impression. The HiGear is waterproof and offers multiple fitness features with Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring to take care of your health and wellness.

Furthermore, with the HiFuture HiGear you can connect to your android or IOS device via Bluetooth to play your favourite music on the go.

Available in two color variants of metallic Black and White the HiGear is state of the art Swiss Style Smartwatch that stands out on all occasions.

Overwhelmed with choices? Go on own them all! The HiFuture smartwatches come at a super affordable price and offer the most precise results. Powered with long lasting batteries the HiFuture Smartwatches are the real game changers. 
Choose your style and make a bold statement with HiFuture Smart wearables today! Find the HiFuture Seller Near You and make your order before the stocks run out.

HiFuture HiGear : All About this Classic Smartwatch and Why You Need It

Get ready to steal the show and be the trend setter wherever you go. HiFuture Group introduces a stylish and classic smartwatch that is made to steal your heart. Crafted in a metallic body the HiFuture HiGear is a strong and sturdy smartwatch that can be your perfect accessory for all occasions. 

The design of the HiFuture HiGear is crafted in stylish Swiss look with a stainless steel body, keeping in mind the formal yet raw style of the modern man. The HiFuture HiGear is not just a time teller but also a fitness smartwatch that keeps track of your workout goals, heart rate, step count and even monitors your sleep schedule. 

Gear up to be the best version of yourself with the HiFuture HiGear

Powered with long lasting battery power and IP68 waterproof protection. The HiFuture HiGear is the best smartwatch for all types of fitness routines. 

Some of the coolest features of the HiFuture HiGear include:

  • Heart rate monitoring

The heart rate monitoring tracks your regular heart rate pace and alarms you on any irregularities to keep you safe and healthy. 

  • Pedometer 

The pedometer tracks your daily step count to help you analyze your activity during the day and keep a track. 

  • Sleep monitoring 

The sleep monitoring feature helps you understand your sleep schedule and make healthy adjustments to your routine in order to get the optimum resting time you deserve. 

  • Sedentary Reminder 

The sedentary reminder of the HiFuture HiGear updates you when you have spent more than a certain time sitting idle or doing nothing. This is a great feature to stay active, especially for those who spend long hours in the office chair. 

  • Workout Mode with Smart Tracking 

The HiFuture HiGear allows you to adjust your goal tracking as per your routine with the multi mode workout mode feature. This feature gives you the freedom to choose from your exercise style viz. Yoga, Cycling, Weight Training and many more. 

  • Bluetooth music 

You can also connect your HiFuture HiGear smartwatch to your Android or IOS smartphone and play your favorite music via Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • Replaceable strap 

Flaunt your crisp style with the HiFuture HiGear with replaceable straps that always makes your smartwatch look brand new. 

Available in two classic color variants of Black and White the HiFuture HiGear is a stylish stainless steel smartwatch which suits in both formal and casual attire. Perfect for all your needs the HiFuture HiGear is powered with the latest technology and design. Available at an affordable price in 30+ selected countries worldwide the HiFuture HiGear is the definition of style and power. 

So what are you waiting for? Find a HiFuture Group Seller Near You and get this classic masterpiece today! 

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