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Every Time Has It's Story

Every strap that we behold and adorn, every analog or digital watch we have worn, has a story to tell. It’s a story of craftsmanship and endless thoughts spread over day and night to make sure that the perfect watch is made. We, at HiFuture, make sure that you get the perfect smartwatch for your wrists and your everyday use. Our engineers and innovators, who are our finest craftsmen, work day and night to bring out the best smartwatch in the world for you. We ensured that you never have to again fuzz about time being stuck or battery running out, we made the best. 

But, what if time ran out and we stayed still? Weird thought right? Well, we at HiFuture, are creatively eccentric. We want you not only to capture time and hold it but to face it, fight it, and never halt. With this amazing and unique view, we made FutureFit Ultra only for you. For our amazing runners, for our fitness enthusiasts, for our yoga crazy people, and for everyone for whom time isn’t just a number, but a feeling. 

AMOLED to the Rescue

We integrated our FutureFit Ultra with an AMOLED screen that isn’t usually found in affordable smartwatches. The screen has a Retina display that keeps the clock on all the time and you won’t have to touch the screen or bend your hand to lighten up the watch’s screen. Cool enough? Wait for more. Even while indoors, the watch is lit 70% to give you a clearer view. 

Aerospace Grade with Aluminium Alloy Colours

The high grade aluminium alloy colours are an eye-catching feature of FutureFit Ultra. The alloy gives it a strong base for you to wear in any situation and in any weather.

Water is No More a Problem

With IP68 waterproof technology, you never need to fear your FutureFit Ultra being damaged after getting drenched in water. Are you a swimmer and have a dream for the Olympics? Then go for it and don’t forget your FutureFit Ultra which will always have your back. 

Charge it Up!

Never worry about the charge running out because HiFuture FutureFit Ultra comes with a one go 10 days running time with one time charging. We have made this watch for the ones who believe in winning over time and not crib about it running out. So now, you adorn your FutureFit Ultra and get set go with 10 days of one time running time. 

Keep an Eye on your Health

Always keep an eye on your health and stay alert with heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring with FutureFit Ultra. It is your forever fitness band that will alert you when danger is nearing you. So, when you feel worn out, don’t worry because FutureFit Ultra is keeping an eye on your health for you. 

A Watch that Only Keeps Eye on your Fitness

Squat, stride, do yoga, run, or do pilates; HiFuture FutureFit Ultra has your back when you’ll get your endorphins kicking and track your progress. FutureFit Ultra is the ultimate fitness band you have been waiting for that won’t ever have you looking at any other watch ever. 

Stay tuned for the e-commerce launch of FutureFit Ultra to adorn it on your wrist!

AMOLED Screen - The New Screen to Carry Around

What is an AMOLED display?

Your first exposure to AMOLED technology was probably a few years ago on a high-end smartphone promising a bigger, more color-rich display. Now you’re hearing about AMOLED laptop screens and PC monitors and also you know what, maybe on smartwatches too.  But what is AMOLED? How does it make screen viewing a better experience?

The advantages of AMOLED displays – they work pixel-by-pixel, produce brighter colors (and deeper, near-perfect blacks), can consume less power, and are thinner and lighter than conventional LED models – helped fuel the emergence of the bigger, palm-size phone screens we know today. And as consumer interest in the technology has grown, electrical gadgets and wearable manufacturers have responded with new, high-resolution AMOLED-based models.

Still confused as to what AMOLED is? Let’s delve deeper and know a little bit about OLED, LED, and TFT.

In conventional LED-LCD displays, the interior white LEDs are used simply to back-light a front-facing LCD panel where the colors are produced or the light is dimmed to control what’s seen on the screen. So what you see depends on the relative brightness of the LEDs and the light-influencing qualities of the LCD panel (for example, add or subtract LED light to brighten or darken the entire screen, or apply more or less LCD effect to do it to a specific region of pixels).

OLEDs improved on conventional LEDs by generating their light by applying current to a different kind of semi-conductive material — organic compounds that work at such a small scale that they enable pixel-by-pixel illumination and color control. Each pixel in a display can be made brighter or darker (or, absent any power at all, fully “black”). The result is very fine light and color control and extreme contrast ratios without an intervening LCD panel. Depending on the manufacturer, the color of each pixel you see is produced either by shining single-color OLED light through an RGB filter (as in regular LED-LCD models) or by using different organic compounds known to produce specific wavelengths.

AMOLED, in turn, improves basic OLED technology for larger televisions, monitors and laptop displays and even smartwatches by introducing a Thin Film Transistor (TFT) layer that enables greater control over the light emitted by the OLEDs. If TFT sounds familiar, it’s because the technology — which dedicates a current-controlling transistor to each pixel — is also important in conventional LED LCD displays. The TFT layer provides an enhanced, “active matrix” of light control, accounting for the “AM” in AMOLED (although it’s important to note that even displays labeled simply “OLED” also likely feature an active matrix of some kind; it’s just not always mentioned).

Advantages of AMOLED displays

AMOLED displays offer several benefits over regular LED-LCD screens. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • More colors and truer color reproduction, with direct, pixel-by-pixel illumination control
  • Greater contrast ratios (i.e., difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the screen)
  • Less energy drain, especially when displaying dark scenes like those common in PC games
  • Thinner, lighter construction, with no traditional LCD panel or (in some models) back-lighting
  • Wider viewing angles (there’s no LCD “blocking” certain light, which tends to limit side views)

With technology becoming ubiquitous, AMOLED screens are now also being explored in wearables, especially smartwatches. What if you got such a smartwatch with surpassing quality and that won’t burn a hole in your pocket along with giving you unmatched screen quality? 

Stay tuned and watch out this space for more as now we are sure you are already a big fan of AMOLED screens.

How HiFuture smart audio glasses like EY+ are here to stay!

When Google first released its smart glasses series in 2012, nobody knew how certain or uncertain its future was or what use it would be in daily lives. It contained everything just out of a sci-fi and people’s imagination ranging from cameras, speakers to microphones. Although it was quite popular after its release, its market crashed because of its high price.

Now, let’s move to a similar product that faced similar issues – Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft chose to use mix reality as a benchmark for smart glasses, its immature marketing and extremely high price drove it away from the consumer. However, Microsoft played on its strength and captured the manufacturing and design industry and rolled its product out there for commercial purpose.

But not all inventions are lucky. Some hit the market and some missed it. However, too many USPs or entry points into the market tend to confuse customers and make the products uncomfortable to wear and use in daily life. So, technology and luxury consumer electronics companies started focusing on audio rather than video.

HiFuture Group launched its first ever smart sunglasses in April 2021 and it was an instant hit. It focused on the audio experience of consumers because it realised that it is not always feasible to wear earbuds or headphones when outside. EY+ solved multiple issues at one time; it has a smart and stylish design, it is easy to connect and adorn, it reduced the pressure on ears, it could be worn during driving on a sunny day or swimming as it is water resistant, and frankly speaking, it solved problems in areas where Bluetooth headsets or earbuds couldn’t venture into. 

EY+ simplified the functions of smart glasses and understood the most important part of human life now; smartphones. So, the researchers and developers of HiFuture’s in-house team made EY+ compatible and easy going with smartphones. Now, one could easily listen to music or talk without putting pressure on the eardrums; and a plus point; keep the eyes safe from the sun. 

HiFuture’s EY+ is here to stay and rule the future because it first of all simplified the technology focusing on one aspect and understanding the relationship between smartphones and wearable devices. It also solved the issue of audio and connectivity through its amazing Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, advanced mic calling, and 5 hrs playtime. It solved the issues of uncomfortable smart glasses through its ergonomic comfortable design and polarised lenses. 

What many companies failed to realise was but HiFuture did that the breakthrough of smart glasses is not limited to technology, but the understanding of product sense; how to make glasses play a greater value and at the same time not separate it from the actual needs of consumers. So, join us on this road to create a technologically savvy and comfortable future with EY+.

Join the Revolution!

Make Yourself Heard with 4 Mic Calling Technology

Can you hear me clearly now?

Victor Hugo once rightfully said, “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Similarly, in V for Vendetta, the punchline was ‘Ideas are Bulletproof’. So, many notions for ideas and so many thoughts; but what is the use of an idea that is choked in the surrounding sound and cannot be clearly heard? It is either misinterpreted or completely ignored! An idea is strong enough to be visualized only when it is communicated clearly and heard clearly. 

The Monday morning blues are closing in quickly but Tina is super enthusiastic, Monday blues don’t mean anything to her today. She is going to give the pitch of her career to her superiors over video conferencing and she is excited because her Pitch is PERFECT. There are going to 6 Head of Departments who will listen to her pitch and will decide if it’s worth taking a shot or not. She gets ready in her best shirt and trousers, logs in to the meeting room, and puts on her ordinary earbuds. Meanwhile, the meeting starts and she is ready for her pitch. However, during the entire pitch, Tina is distracted due to the external sounds in the background of the other participants who, from time to time, forget to mute themselves. She has to ask twice in order to clearly hear what the person on the other side is trying to say or ask her. Though her pitch was perfect, her presentation was not and Tina was sad and anxious at the end thinking about the failure her earbuds caused her. Let’s find out what could have helped her put across her message clearly and be heard. 

As meagre as it may seem or sound, your headphones or earbuds play a crucial role in virtual meetings because they are the bridge between you and the ones you are trying to strike a proper conversation with. With the onset of Work from Home and meetings along with several people on the call and many of them unintentionally forgetting to mute themselves, it can get difficult for you to present your ideas or even strike a meaningful conversation. That is where ENC or Environmental Noise Cancellation comes in.

HiFuture Group’s SmartPods 2 are embedded with the 4 mic calling technology and Environmental Noise Cancellation that blocks any external sound on the other side of the call. The 4 mic calling system amplifies the audio you are listening to and helps you convey your message clearly. 

But what is ENC that the 4 mic calling system is embedded with?

Many people have been wondering about this question before buying any earbuds; however, the answer is quite simple. Environmental Noise Cancellation or ENC Headphones have a tendency to block external noise to help the user have an enhanced experience. Moreover, it helps in having a better sound quality, protects the ear, amplifies the sound on the other end, and much more. ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) can effectively suppress 90% of the negative Environmental Noise, can reduce the ambient Noise up to 35dB, thus, making it suitable for a noise and distraction free calling experience. 

HiFuture’s SmartPods 2 use this technique and cancels all the external noise that you might face during a conversation. So now, you won’t have to yell during a meeting and say “Can you hear me now?” or “Can you repeat yourself?”

You are all set to express yourself and make your ideas heard!

When the entire world is going digital in every aspect starting from schools to office meetings, we, at HiFuture Group, have decided to participate in the MWC Barcelona physically. HiFuture’s vision, in spite of being a technology company, is to keep the human touch alive. With this vision in mind, our team participated in this year’s MWC Barcelona at Booth Number 1H40

We strongly believe that to justify our ambition as a global brand and reach out to the international audience, it is imperative that we take the leap of faith when nobody else is taking. Leading electronic companies decided to participate in the MWC Barcelona virtually whereas we decided that nothing beats a human and physical presence in interacting with our customers who are also our Heroes. Our mission is to increase our International engagement and reach out to all our current and potential customers in all possible platforms. We believe that our technology is the one of the future that not only is high-tech, but is also luxurious and comfortable for daily use. Our aim is to provide this message to everyone across the globe that HiFuture can handhold you into walking into the future with its State of the Art products and also not cause a hole in your pocket in the meantime.

Our goal in MWC Barcelona is to simply let our Vision and Mission for a technologically better future shine. Our group of engineers and innovators create every product keeping in mind our users because We are You. Your luxury, comfort, and effective use of technology in day to day life is our main motto. We value experience highly and thus, we are present at MWC Barcelona at Booth Number 1H40 to provide you with a valuable and human experience of our leading luxury consumer electronics products. We don’t believe in sitting back when we can be there on the center stage of Innovation and innovate alongside our customers and interact with them. We aim to interact with as many people as possible during the 4 day event of MWC Barcelona and create a holistic experience and approach towards our brand. We aspire to end the MWC Barcelona 2021 event on a high note and with a lot of experiences shared and gathered. The more we interact with you, the more we get to understand your expectations from us. With these experiences gathered, we hope to see our products cross oceans and seas and reach houses and people like never before.

MWC Barcelona is live till 1st July 2021 and HiFuture is waiting for you at Booth number 1H40.

Our lifestyle is evolving. Smart wearable gadgets have undeniably made our lives easier. Innovation in technology has allowed us to constantly stay connected. There is no denying the fact that technology influences a major part of our lifestyle. But on the hind side, while gadgets bring numerous benefits. Carrying too many gadgets can be a daunting task.

Our goal at HiFuture is to make products that seamlessly blend into your daily life and enhance your way of living. So to notch up your level of style and comfort. Our team of innovators and engineers have crafted the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses that will be the next big thing that will blend into your daily life. 

HiFuture EY+ are designed in a way that allows you to stay connected while offering a complete hands free experience. Just replace your regular pair of sunglasses with the HiFuture EY+ Smart sunglasses and you are all set to conquer the day! 

The EY+ smart sunglasses are made from ultra lightweight material that gives them a luxurious look, while being super comfortable to wear. While there are many features that will make you fall in love with this stylish smart wearable. Top Features that make EY+ stand out are its built-in advanced mic calling system and Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses work both as a smart wearable and a lifestyle accessory. Turn on the device and get your work done with technology at your disposal. And when you wish to relax get ready for an adventure with your TR90 EMS frame stylish sunglasses that are Water and Sweat Resistant.The EY+ sunglasses also comes with polarized lenses coated with Anti-UV and blue ray protection to keep your vision safe 

With EY+ you can answer calls, listen to music, and do much more with the smart control sensors on the frame of your sunglasses. Moreover, HiFuture EY+ comes with powerful and rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Apart from the highly commendable smart features. What makes smart glasses a desirable gadget is. As they go over your ear unlike the Bluetooth headphones. Smart glasses can offer an avid range of benefits in daily life. Such as:

  • Mobility and freedom to multitask.
  • Better concentration and eyes on the road. 
  • Enhanced comfort and safety.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Subtle and smart look.

So switch to a smarter way of living with the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses and flair up your style. Available at an affordable price in 30+ countries around the world. The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses are all set to take the smart wearable industry at a whole new level. To know more about the HiFuture EY+ and other smart wearable devices by HiFuture. Visit today.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel: The New Shining Armour of HiFuture Smartwatches

Nothing compares to the shine of a metal piece when it comes to accessories, especially in wrist watches. The love for metallic finish in wristwatches has been eternal. Although a lot has changed with time, the importance of a classic metallic accessory to add charm to your attire still remains unmatched. 

Wearing metallic accessories comes with its challenges such as heavy weight, increased chances of corrosion, dirt settling and much more. But the love for metal has always had innovators looking for new solutions. 

The latest 316 grade stainless is the boon of this innovation and technological advancement. Crafted to be lighter in weight and more resistant to corrosion and damage, the 316 stainless steel is a promising metal for gadgets and accessories. 

316 stainless is robust and very popularly used in making watches. Some of the top qualities of 316 stainless steel includes: 

  1. The 316 stainless steel is much Lighter in weight as compared to other metals used to make smartwatches. 
  2. It is said to be more resistant to heat and corrosion. 
  3. The 316 stainless steel also has a Bare, Glossy surface and looks significantly grayer and matte in comparison, which makes it a perfect choice to craft a stylish timepiece form. 
  4. 316 stainless steel is colorfast i.e. If the stainless steel looks discolored, it is dirt that can be removed with a dry cloth.
  5. It is easy to coat so that the watch case does not always have to be silver-colored. Meaning, your favorite color now in classic metal look! 

This amazing list of qualities is what made 316 stainless steel pass through the HiFuture Group‘s standard of quality to be used in one of our premium smartwatches – the HiGear. 

Click here to check out the look and feel of this mesmerizing smartwatch and to get one for yourself.

Be Spoiled for Choices: HiFuture Group’s Range of Smart Wearables

There’s a lot a smartwatch can do for you, from tracking your fitness routine to keeping you updated with the latest happening. A simple accessory tied around your wrist can make your life much easier and simpler. Gadgets and technology have evolved to serve us with the best and make our life easier. There are many options available in the market today. But when it comes to picking the best one, you always want something that is smart in feature and adds charms to your outfit. 

So to give you the best of both worlds, HiFuture Group has launched a series of smart watches that has everything you need in a smartwatch. From a sturdy, strong, durable body to smart tracking features that keep your health and wellness in check. 

Be spoiled for choices with the four latest Smartwatches by HiFuture Group you can choose from to make your style stand out and live smart: 


HiMate is the best gadget partner for all those who love to seek adventures and live life on the go.  Made for life on the move the HiFuture HiMate is super comfortable, stylish and comes with multi screen mode to match your style and mood. You can choose between the fitness mode options to match your workout routines and stay updated. 

With the HiFuture HiMate you get features like heart rate monitoring, pedometer, workout mode, ability to sync with your smart device and get notification updates, and much more. Available in two color variants of black and white the HiFuture HiMate are the most stunning smartwatch of 2020.



Add charm to your look with the stylish and elegant HiFuture HiWave. 

Perfect for all occasions the HiFuture HiWave is crafted to keep you on top of your game while you ride the trend wave in style. 

This classic looking designer smartwatch is enhanced with the best fitness features that let you track your health and personal goals with precision. Not just that, the HiWave also comes with IP68 Waterproof protection and replaceable strap making it your best partner in all adventures. 

Available in two color variants of Black and Rose Gold, HiWave is a designer smartwatch suitable for both Men and Women. Bring home the HiFuture HiWave today and match your style to make a glamorous move!



A sporty smartwatch best choice for all athletes and sports lovers. The HiFuture HiTime is designed to give the best comfort during workouts while effectively tracking your progress. The HiTime comes with IP86 waterproof protection to keep your smart gear safe from sweat and splash. It comes with bluetooth connectivity, Android and IOS compatibility for a complete experience.

Hitime comes in three colour variants of Black, Rose Gold and Blue with replaceable straps to give you the freedom to flaunt your unique style.  



The HiFuture HiGear is a classic stainless steel masterpiece created with 316 grade stainless steel which gives a premium look to your attire and leaves a lasting impression. The HiGear is waterproof and offers multiple fitness features with Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring to take care of your health and wellness.

Furthermore, with the HiFuture HiGear you can connect to your android or IOS device via Bluetooth to play your favourite music on the go.

Available in two color variants of metallic Black and White the HiGear is state of the art Swiss Style Smartwatch that stands out on all occasions.

Overwhelmed with choices? Go on own them all! The HiFuture smartwatches come at a super affordable price and offer the most precise results. Powered with long lasting batteries the HiFuture Smartwatches are the real game changers. 
Choose your style and make a bold statement with HiFuture Smart wearables today! Find the HiFuture Seller Near You and make your order before the stocks run out.

HiFuture HiGear : All About this Classic Smartwatch and Why You Need It

Get ready to steal the show and be the trend setter wherever you go. HiFuture Group introduces a stylish and classic smartwatch that is made to steal your heart. Crafted in a metallic body the HiFuture HiGear is a strong and sturdy smartwatch that can be your perfect accessory for all occasions. 

The design of the HiFuture HiGear is crafted in stylish Swiss look with a stainless steel body, keeping in mind the formal yet raw style of the modern man. The HiFuture HiGear is not just a time teller but also a fitness smartwatch that keeps track of your workout goals, heart rate, step count and even monitors your sleep schedule. 

Gear up to be the best version of yourself with the HiFuture HiGear

Powered with long lasting battery power and IP68 waterproof protection. The HiFuture HiGear is the best smartwatch for all types of fitness routines. 

Some of the coolest features of the HiFuture HiGear include:

  • Heart rate monitoring

The heart rate monitoring tracks your regular heart rate pace and alarms you on any irregularities to keep you safe and healthy. 

  • Pedometer 

The pedometer tracks your daily step count to help you analyze your activity during the day and keep a track. 

  • Sleep monitoring 

The sleep monitoring feature helps you understand your sleep schedule and make healthy adjustments to your routine in order to get the optimum resting time you deserve. 

  • Sedentary Reminder 

The sedentary reminder of the HiFuture HiGear updates you when you have spent more than a certain time sitting idle or doing nothing. This is a great feature to stay active, especially for those who spend long hours in the office chair. 

  • Workout Mode with Smart Tracking 

The HiFuture HiGear allows you to adjust your goal tracking as per your routine with the multi mode workout mode feature. This feature gives you the freedom to choose from your exercise style viz. Yoga, Cycling, Weight Training and many more. 

  • Bluetooth music 

You can also connect your HiFuture HiGear smartwatch to your Android or IOS smartphone and play your favorite music via Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • Replaceable strap 

Flaunt your crisp style with the HiFuture HiGear with replaceable straps that always makes your smartwatch look brand new. 

Available in two classic color variants of Black and White the HiFuture HiGear is a stylish stainless steel smartwatch which suits in both formal and casual attire. Perfect for all your needs the HiFuture HiGear is powered with the latest technology and design. Available at an affordable price in 30+ selected countries worldwide the HiFuture HiGear is the definition of style and power. 

So what are you waiting for? Find a HiFuture Group Seller Near You and get this classic masterpiece today! 

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Time to Upgrade: HiFuture HiTime is the Smartwatch That You Need For a Better Life

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