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How HiFuture smart audio glasses like EY+ are here to stay!

When Google first released its smart glasses series in 2012, nobody knew how certain or uncertain its future was or what use it would be in daily lives. It contained everything just out of a sci-fi and people’s imagination ranging from cameras, speakers to microphones. Although it was quite popular after its release, its market crashed because of its high price.

Now, let’s move to a similar product that faced similar issues – Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft chose to use mix reality as a benchmark for smart glasses, its immature marketing and extremely high price drove it away from the consumer. However, Microsoft played on its strength and captured the manufacturing and design industry and rolled its product out there for commercial purpose.

But not all inventions are lucky. Some hit the market and some missed it. However, too many USPs or entry points into the market tend to confuse customers and make the products uncomfortable to wear and use in daily life. So, technology and luxury consumer electronics companies started focusing on audio rather than video.

HiFuture Group launched its first ever smart sunglasses in April 2021 and it was an instant hit. It focused on the audio experience of consumers because it realised that it is not always feasible to wear earbuds or headphones when outside. EY+ solved multiple issues at one time; it has a smart and stylish design, it is easy to connect and adorn, it reduced the pressure on ears, it could be worn during driving on a sunny day or swimming as it is water resistant, and frankly speaking, it solved problems in areas where Bluetooth headsets or earbuds couldn’t venture into. 

EY+ simplified the functions of smart glasses and understood the most important part of human life now; smartphones. So, the researchers and developers of HiFuture’s in-house team made EY+ compatible and easy going with smartphones. Now, one could easily listen to music or talk without putting pressure on the eardrums; and a plus point; keep the eyes safe from the sun. 

HiFuture’s EY+ is here to stay and rule the future because it first of all simplified the technology focusing on one aspect and understanding the relationship between smartphones and wearable devices. It also solved the issue of audio and connectivity through its amazing Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip, advanced mic calling, and 5 hrs playtime. It solved the issues of uncomfortable smart glasses through its ergonomic comfortable design and polarised lenses. 

What many companies failed to realise was but HiFuture did that the breakthrough of smart glasses is not limited to technology, but the understanding of product sense; how to make glasses play a greater value and at the same time not separate it from the actual needs of consumers. So, join us on this road to create a technologically savvy and comfortable future with EY+.

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