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Things to Consider before Buying a Smartwatch

6 Factors to Consider before Buying a New Smartwatch

Let’s begin with the basics. Smart wearables have become popular in recent years. It is mainly because of the importance of keeping of our fast-pace lifestyle. People worldwide use smartwatches especially to keep a tab on their fitness goals or their sports performance. They also use smartwatches to get real-time data on heart health, blood oxygen level, and quality of sleep. Studies found that relatively fewer people use smartwatches to treat chronic health conditions. 

As per a recent study, in China, almost 70% of the total users buy smartwatches for health monitoring features. It is one of the major factors for buying a smartwatch. Voice communication and GPS navigation are the other preferred features. 

The wearable market is now filled with premium-quality smartwatches from different key brands. Smartwatch is going to be one of the most promising devices in the healthcare and fitness industries in near future. This is because of the cutting-edge technologies that are being used in manufacturing of these smart devices. And thus, we are now way afar from the recurring question: Are smartwatches worth it? In this article, we’ll focus on the most important factors to consider before buying a new smartwatch. Here we go:

  1. Display: 

Display is the most crucial factor in a smartwatch. It’s definitive of the aesthetic and feel of the watch. So make sure that the display is bezel-less with high contrast level and gives the brightest viewing experience. You’ll find a variety of display screen types as per the price range. While LCDs give a poor battery life, OLED and AMOLED displays provide a rich experience even outdoors. 

  1. Price: 

The price of premium-quality smartwatches ranges between $200 and $400. These smartwatches complement the prices with advanced fitness, communication, and entertainment features. But, the budget smartwatches may not include so many advanced features. 

Some smartwatches are specially designed for professional athletes, which may cost over $500 and are not recommended for general use. There are also many luxury smartwatches with sky-high prices. However, buying them is not worthwhile. 

You may consider buying premium-quality HiFuture smartwatches at a comparatively affordable price. 

  1. Build Quality: 

Solid build quality is one of the most crucial features to look out for in a smartwatch. You must get the feel of the quality product the moment you hold it. Loose straps, low-quality displays, and poor-quality frames are the red flags you must stay away from. Smartwatch sporting the minimal bezel, bright and colorful display combined with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy metallic frame will give you the amazing aesthetic you’re looking for. AMOLED display panels are worth investing in as they give you a wonderful viewing experience as well as interchangeable watch straps. 

  1. Fitness Tracking: 

As mentioned earlier in this article, fitness tracking is the most important factor in people’s wearing smartwatches. If you’re also a fitness-loving person, choose timepieces that include a fourth-gen health sensor, sleep monitor, multi-sport mode, and blood oxygen level monitor. If you’re a swimmer, water-resistant smartwatches with an IP rating would suit best for you. 

  1. Battery Life: 

Another crucial feature to consider while buying a premium-quality smartwatch is its battery life. Most brands use advanced technologies to support longer battery life. These smartwatches run up to 10 days with a single charge. 

  1. Communication Feature: 

Another feature you must check for before buying a smartwatch is the communication alerts or information sync. With this feature, your life becomes even more interesting! You can get notifications from your smartphone directly on your watch. Some smartwatches allow you to even receive calls and send replies to text messages. 

Wrapping up:

With the ever-evolving digital scenario, smartwatches are not left behind. Companies and brands are investing a lot in R&D activities and the implementation of innovative technologies to take the smart wearable industry to another level. Stay tuned to get surprised with new versions of premium smartwatches.

Men, as society describes and has always depicted, love to play tough sports, exercise,  and also like going to the gym and fitness training centers to keep their health on track. But sometimes, it goes off-beat; injuries happen and health goes sideways. Why? Because they fail to recognize when their heartbeat or oxygen levels are reaching the borderline or the red line of alert to be precise. Exercise is indeed good for health, but if done excessively and not kept in check, it can have repercussions.

Over the years, many companies have come up with many sports and fitness watches for both genders; and tough-looking ones especially for men. But sometimes what they have lacked is the precision of all the inbuilt monitoring technology, thus leading to exercise injuries. It is also important to get proper sleep in order to prevent exercise mental breakdown.

But first, let us have a look at what can go wrong while doing exercise or playing a tough sport.

Avoiding Risks

Know your limits,” McMillan says. “You know your body better than anyone.” If you have special risks or conditions — such as spondylitis, high blood pressure, recent surgery — tell your trainer so they can tailor your exercise program to your specific needs.

Electrolyte Imbalance

A hardcore workout timed with a grueling weight-loss program and a sudden sugar rush can throw your body chemistry dangerously off-track in the form of an electrolyte imbalance, which can result from either too much (hyper-) or too little (hypo-) of a given electrolyte.

“If there’s a disruption of key electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, or calcium, then that can cause electrical abnormalities in your heart,” says Dr. Michael Ackerman, M.D., a Mayo Clinic cardiologist—and, in extreme cases, result in a heart attack. “We know for sure that extremely rapid weight loss can cause major issues with swings in body electrolytes. That’s enemy number one from these weight-loss or fitness programs.”

Increased Cardiovascular Stress

With overtraining, even simple workouts become more difficult. Specifically, baseline heart rate rises in those who experience OTS, and it can be difficult for heart rate to return to normal after exercising, with longer periods of rest needed.

Now, here is where our fitness smartwatch especially designed for men comes in. It is exactly what our fitness enthusiasts need to keep their vitals in check while they go tough on themselves and the world. Let’s check them out. Also, not just health, it is here to make you look cool and have your back always.

With Gen2 TruColor Display, your eyes will see everything on your watch in equal saturation. Inspire and motivate yourself with TruColor.

We craft perfection with our Aerospace Grade Aluminium Alloy Colours. It is lightweight and built with strength and colours chosen meticulously.

With 1.32 inches full HD display (360*360) we are making sure that this watch is more than just a fitness watch, it’s a watch that sets an impact with its bigger and bolder screen.

With IP68 waterproof technology, you need not fear your watch shooting up because of getting drenched.

Charge in no Time and Stay Active for 10 Days – Charge it up in a blink and go for a camp trip. The 10 days incessant charge won’t let you down in the woods.

24/7 heart rate tracking to keep you safe and sound and always under the eye of an expert. It will alert you whenever your body feels in danger.

Don’t stress because of less sleep and don’t let those eyes get puffy. Track your sleep and plan it with us with FutureGo Mix.

Dial faces that will have you curious and curiouser all the time with changing faces that suit and glam up your style.

Now, we aren’t just making sure that you take care of yourself while playing tough on yourself while gymming, exercising, or playing sports, but also relax and have a sound sleep, stay hassle-free and worry-free, and look cool.

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Grade 316 Stainless Steel: The New Shining Armour of HiFuture Smartwatches

Nothing compares to the shine of a metal piece when it comes to accessories, especially in wrist watches. The love for metallic finish in wristwatches has been eternal. Although a lot has changed with time, the importance of a classic metallic accessory to add charm to your attire still remains unmatched. 

Wearing metallic accessories comes with its challenges such as heavy weight, increased chances of corrosion, dirt settling and much more. But the love for metal has always had innovators looking for new solutions. 

The latest 316 grade stainless is the boon of this innovation and technological advancement. Crafted to be lighter in weight and more resistant to corrosion and damage, the 316 stainless steel is a promising metal for gadgets and accessories. 

316 stainless is robust and very popularly used in making watches. Some of the top qualities of 316 stainless steel includes: 

  1. The 316 stainless steel is much Lighter in weight as compared to other metals used to make smartwatches. 
  2. It is said to be more resistant to heat and corrosion. 
  3. The 316 stainless steel also has a Bare, Glossy surface and looks significantly grayer and matte in comparison, which makes it a perfect choice to craft a stylish timepiece form. 
  4. 316 stainless steel is colorfast i.e. If the stainless steel looks discolored, it is dirt that can be removed with a dry cloth.
  5. It is easy to coat so that the watch case does not always have to be silver-colored. Meaning, your favorite color now in classic metal look! 

This amazing list of qualities is what made 316 stainless steel pass through the HiFuture Group‘s standard of quality to be used in one of our premium smartwatches – the HiGear. 

Click here to check out the look and feel of this mesmerizing smartwatch and to get one for yourself.

Be Spoiled for Choices: HiFuture Group’s Range of Smart Wearables

There’s a lot a smartwatch can do for you, from tracking your fitness routine to keeping you updated with the latest happening. A simple accessory tied around your wrist can make your life much easier and simpler. Gadgets and technology have evolved to serve us with the best and make our life easier. There are many options available in the market today. But when it comes to picking the best one, you always want something that is smart in feature and adds charms to your outfit. 

So to give you the best of both worlds, HiFuture Group has launched a series of smart watches that has everything you need in a smartwatch. From a sturdy, strong, durable body to smart tracking features that keep your health and wellness in check. 

Be spoiled for choices with the four latest Smartwatches by HiFuture Group you can choose from to make your style stand out and live smart: 


HiMate is the best gadget partner for all those who love to seek adventures and live life on the go.  Made for life on the move the HiFuture HiMate is super comfortable, stylish and comes with multi screen mode to match your style and mood. You can choose between the fitness mode options to match your workout routines and stay updated. 

With the HiFuture HiMate you get features like heart rate monitoring, pedometer, workout mode, ability to sync with your smart device and get notification updates, and much more. Available in two color variants of black and white the HiFuture HiMate are the most stunning smartwatch of 2020.



Add charm to your look with the stylish and elegant HiFuture HiWave. 

Perfect for all occasions the HiFuture HiWave is crafted to keep you on top of your game while you ride the trend wave in style. 

This classic looking designer smartwatch is enhanced with the best fitness features that let you track your health and personal goals with precision. Not just that, the HiWave also comes with IP68 Waterproof protection and replaceable strap making it your best partner in all adventures. 

Available in two color variants of Black and Rose Gold, HiWave is a designer smartwatch suitable for both Men and Women. Bring home the HiFuture HiWave today and match your style to make a glamorous move!



A sporty smartwatch best choice for all athletes and sports lovers. The HiFuture HiTime is designed to give the best comfort during workouts while effectively tracking your progress. The HiTime comes with IP86 waterproof protection to keep your smart gear safe from sweat and splash. It comes with bluetooth connectivity, Android and IOS compatibility for a complete experience.

Hitime comes in three colour variants of Black, Rose Gold and Blue with replaceable straps to give you the freedom to flaunt your unique style.  



The HiFuture HiGear is a classic stainless steel masterpiece created with 316 grade stainless steel which gives a premium look to your attire and leaves a lasting impression. The HiGear is waterproof and offers multiple fitness features with Heart rate monitoring and sleep monitoring to take care of your health and wellness.

Furthermore, with the HiFuture HiGear you can connect to your android or IOS device via Bluetooth to play your favourite music on the go.

Available in two color variants of metallic Black and White the HiGear is state of the art Swiss Style Smartwatch that stands out on all occasions.

Overwhelmed with choices? Go on own them all! The HiFuture smartwatches come at a super affordable price and offer the most precise results. Powered with long lasting batteries the HiFuture Smartwatches are the real game changers. 
Choose your style and make a bold statement with HiFuture Smart wearables today! Find the HiFuture Seller Near You and make your order before the stocks run out.

HiFuture HiGear : All About this Classic Smartwatch and Why You Need It

Get ready to steal the show and be the trend setter wherever you go. HiFuture Group introduces a stylish and classic smartwatch that is made to steal your heart. Crafted in a metallic body the HiFuture HiGear is a strong and sturdy smartwatch that can be your perfect accessory for all occasions. 

The design of the HiFuture HiGear is crafted in stylish Swiss look with a stainless steel body, keeping in mind the formal yet raw style of the modern man. The HiFuture HiGear is not just a time teller but also a fitness smartwatch that keeps track of your workout goals, heart rate, step count and even monitors your sleep schedule. 

Gear up to be the best version of yourself with the HiFuture HiGear

Powered with long lasting battery power and IP68 waterproof protection. The HiFuture HiGear is the best smartwatch for all types of fitness routines. 

Some of the coolest features of the HiFuture HiGear include:

  • Heart rate monitoring

The heart rate monitoring tracks your regular heart rate pace and alarms you on any irregularities to keep you safe and healthy. 

  • Pedometer 

The pedometer tracks your daily step count to help you analyze your activity during the day and keep a track. 

  • Sleep monitoring 

The sleep monitoring feature helps you understand your sleep schedule and make healthy adjustments to your routine in order to get the optimum resting time you deserve. 

  • Sedentary Reminder 

The sedentary reminder of the HiFuture HiGear updates you when you have spent more than a certain time sitting idle or doing nothing. This is a great feature to stay active, especially for those who spend long hours in the office chair. 

  • Workout Mode with Smart Tracking 

The HiFuture HiGear allows you to adjust your goal tracking as per your routine with the multi mode workout mode feature. This feature gives you the freedom to choose from your exercise style viz. Yoga, Cycling, Weight Training and many more. 

  • Bluetooth music 

You can also connect your HiFuture HiGear smartwatch to your Android or IOS smartphone and play your favorite music via Bluetooth connectivity. 

  • Replaceable strap 

Flaunt your crisp style with the HiFuture HiGear with replaceable straps that always makes your smartwatch look brand new. 

Available in two classic color variants of Black and White the HiFuture HiGear is a stylish stainless steel smartwatch which suits in both formal and casual attire. Perfect for all your needs the HiFuture HiGear is powered with the latest technology and design. Available at an affordable price in 30+ selected countries worldwide the HiFuture HiGear is the definition of style and power. 

So what are you waiting for? Find a HiFuture Group Seller Near You and get this classic masterpiece today! 

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Time to Upgrade: HiFuture HiTime is the Smartwatch That You Need For a Better Life

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HiFuture HiWave: Latest Designer Smartwatch Fit for All Occasions

It’s time to change the course of fashion and make a stylish move. 

Standout from the crowd and steal the show wherever you go, with HiWave latest Designer Smartwatch by HiFuture Group. Dawned in a stylish look of metallic finish the HiFuture HiWave comes in two color variants of Classic Black and Elegant Rose Gold. The metallic finish of the smartwatch gives it a modern and trendy look that makes you stand out among the crowd and make your unique statement.

The HiFuture HiWave is not just a stylish timepiece but also a powerful and fierce Fitness band that offers a wide range of fitness modes for different workout regimes. Perfect partner for all workout routines, HiFuture HiWave enables you to keep a track of your goals with real-time tracking and monitoring. 

Check out these cool features that make HiFuture HiWave a showstopper: 

Multi-Fitness Mode 

High on performance, this smartwatch is a great choice for all fitness freaks and sport enthusiasts. The Multi-mode screen option of the HiFuture HiWave gives you an option to choose between modes such as Running, Cycling or Yoga and track your goals. 

Heart Rate Monitoring and Pedometer 

HiFuture HiWave’s Heart rate monitoring feature helps you stay fit and safe during those intense workout sessions and the Pedometer keeps a track of your shredding goals as you smash your targets. 

Long Battery Life 

Made for the long run, the HiWave is a powerful and durable smartwatch with a powerful battery backup that can last hours between charges and work precisely. 

Replaceable Straps 

No more worrying about your cool smartwatch losing its charm. HiWave straps can be easily replaced. Now you can change your style as per your mood and keep your smartwatch always looking like new. 

Notification Sync 

The HiFuture HiWave is compatible with both Android and IOS devices and can be paired with your smartphone to get notification updates about calls, text messages and even push notifications from your favorite Apps. 

IP68 Waterproof

This stylish and powerful smartwatch can perform perfectly in any weather and condition just like you. Enhanced with IP68 water resistant technology the HiWave is safe from corrosion due water, sweat and even sand. 

A complete package of style, performance and durability the HiFuture HiWave is the best smartwatch for all fitness lovers and technology enthusiasts. Available at super reasonable cost this designer smartwatch is your partner for all occasions. 
So what are you waiting for? Bring home the trendy and stylish HiFuture HiWave and ride the wave in style! Find HiFuture Sellers Near You and bring home this smart timepiece today!

Everything About HiFuture Group’s Latest Designer Smartwatch HiMate and Why You Need It

What if we told you we have got a smartwatch so awesome that it can match up to all your expectations? Style, Design, Power, Performance everything on point, and in your budget. Yes That’s right! HiFuture has launched a Designer Smartwatch called the HiMate, which is the perfect blend of style and power. From Casual occasions to Fitness Mode, the HiMate can be your partner for all occasions.

If you love to flaunt Smart wearables and are crazy over fitness, HiFuture Group’s HiMate is made just for you! Crafted in a stylish body, HiFuture HiMate is a smartwatch that every tech lover and fitness freak must own. 

Want to know more? Keep scrolling to know all the cool feature that this stylish beast has to offer: 

  • IP68 Waterproof 

Water, sweat, sand, you name it; This smartwatch can handle it all. Designed keeping in mind your rocking routine, The HiFuture HiMate is truly an all weather friend. 

  • Workout Mode

Smart and Fierce. HiMate offers Multi-fitness mode options so you can keep a track of your goal and keep pushing for more. Run, Lift, Cycle, Hike or bend into that complex Yoga Asana, HiMate will help you keep a track of your targets. 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring and Pedometer 

Real time and precise tracking of your heart rate for those intense cardio sessions. 

Count every step on the go and keep a track, with the inbuilt Pedometer.  

  • Longer Battery Life

Yes! This Super Cool Smartwatch is also super powerful. Engineered to last hours between recharge HiFuture HiMate is your bet for a long haul. 

  • Replaceable Strap

Flaunt Your style with the Replaceable straps. Own the Boardroom with the Classic Black and Steal the Show at Night with a Starry Appearance. Always win the Game in Style. 

  • Notification Sync – Call, Text, Calendar and Selected Apps

Stay updated not just with your workout but also with your life. Never miss an important call, message or notification. The HiMate lets you sync in with your favourite app and receive notifications on the go! 

Designed by the veterans of the technology world, the HiMate passes on all grounds from Power, Performance to Style. Currently available in two classic variants of Black and White HiFuture HiMate is a perfect smart wear for all events. This Super Fashionable and Powerful smartwatch is compatible with both Android and IOS, and comes at an unbelievable price. 
So what are you waiting for? Grab this stylish timepiece today and smash your fitness goals. Find HiFuture Sellers in Your Country and bring home this smart watch before it goes out stock!

Upgrading Technology and Gadgets are shifting the way we live. Now you can reach your highest potential and enjoy the best of life with the help of most advanced fitness gears. Why stay out dated when you can own futuristics gadgets and live a smart life. We at HiFuture Group are always keen on making the best use of technology and design to create smart gadgets that enhance your life. 

The electronics market today is flooded with tons of options in smartwatches and smart wearables. Gadget lovers from all over the world want the latest technology tied to their wrist. Although there are a lot of smart watches in the market at different price ranges, are all those gadgets truly smart? 

Getting all the latest features in a price range that matches your expectation can be a tricky part for most gadget lovers. Worry no more! Now you can stay updated with the latest technology while saving your hard earned money, HiFuture Group is introducing new smartwatches that will leave you awestruck. The Latest HiFuture Smartwatches are Powered with the latest technology and are crafted in a stylish design that will leave a latest impression on all onlookers.

Here’s a sneak peak into what the new smart wearables by HiFuture Group have to offer: 

The Perfect Fitness Gear

Keeping in mind the needs of all gym lovers and fitness freaks, the HiFuture Smartwatches are packed with Fitness Mode Features that suit all fitness goals from calorie tracking, pedometer to heart rate monitor. The soon to be launched smart watches are also water and sweat resistant and come with an adjustable strap to give the athlete a holistic experience with great comfort. Upgrade to a smart way of living and take your training sessions to the next level. 

Some of the coolest feature of HiFuture Smart Watches Include:

  • IP68 Waterproof 
  • Workout Mode 
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Replaceable Strap 
  • Heart Rate Monitoring 
  • Pedometer
  • Notification Sync – Call, Text, Calendar and Selected Apps

The HiFuture smart wearables are compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Get the most accurate monitoring of your performance and achieve all your fitness goals.

State of The Art Design and Style

Explore the tech savvy features to get the best out of your workout session or wear it as a statement piece. The Designer Smartwatches by HiFuture Group are perfect for all occasions. You can suit up for a corporate gig or style it for a casual meet. Perfect finishing and stylish body makes the HiFuture smart wearables the best choice for a Smart Life. All that a price so affordable you won’t believe it’s true. 

Wish to own this classic piece blend of Designer Fitness Gear? Stay tuned with HiFuture Group and be the first one to step into the world of smart technology.