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Our lifestyle is evolving. Smart wearable gadgets have undeniably made our lives easier. Innovation in technology has allowed us to constantly stay connected. There is no denying the fact that technology influences a major part of our lifestyle. But on the hind side, while gadgets bring numerous benefits. Carrying too many gadgets can be a daunting task.

Our goal at HiFuture is to make products that seamlessly blend into your daily life and enhance your way of living. So to notch up your level of style and comfort. Our team of innovators and engineers have crafted the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses that will be the next big thing that will blend into your daily life. 

HiFuture EY+ are designed in a way that allows you to stay connected while offering a complete hands free experience. Just replace your regular pair of sunglasses with the HiFuture EY+ Smart sunglasses and you are all set to conquer the day! 

The EY+ smart sunglasses are made from ultra lightweight material that gives them a luxurious look, while being super comfortable to wear. While there are many features that will make you fall in love with this stylish smart wearable. Top Features that make EY+ stand out are its built-in advanced mic calling system and Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses work both as a smart wearable and a lifestyle accessory. Turn on the device and get your work done with technology at your disposal. And when you wish to relax get ready for an adventure with your TR90 EMS frame stylish sunglasses that are Water and Sweat Resistant.The EY+ sunglasses also comes with polarized lenses coated with Anti-UV and blue ray protection to keep your vision safe 

With EY+ you can answer calls, listen to music, and do much more with the smart control sensors on the frame of your sunglasses. Moreover, HiFuture EY+ comes with powerful and rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 hours on a single charge.

Apart from the highly commendable smart features. What makes smart glasses a desirable gadget is. As they go over your ear unlike the Bluetooth headphones. Smart glasses can offer an avid range of benefits in daily life. Such as:

  • Mobility and freedom to multitask.
  • Better concentration and eyes on the road. 
  • Enhanced comfort and safety.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Subtle and smart look.

So switch to a smarter way of living with the HiFuture EY+ smart sunglasses and flair up your style. Available at an affordable price in 30+ countries around the world. The HiFuture EY+ smart glasses are all set to take the smart wearable industry at a whole new level. To know more about the HiFuture EY+ and other smart wearable devices by HiFuture. Visit www.hifuturegroup.com today.

Upgrading Technology and Gadgets are shifting the way we live. Now you can reach your highest potential and enjoy the best of life with the help of most advanced fitness gears. Why stay out dated when you can own futuristics gadgets and live a smart life. We at HiFuture Group are always keen on making the best use of technology and design to create smart gadgets that enhance your life. 

The electronics market today is flooded with tons of options in smartwatches and smart wearables. Gadget lovers from all over the world want the latest technology tied to their wrist. Although there are a lot of smart watches in the market at different price ranges, are all those gadgets truly smart? 

Getting all the latest features in a price range that matches your expectation can be a tricky part for most gadget lovers. Worry no more! Now you can stay updated with the latest technology while saving your hard earned money, HiFuture Group is introducing new smartwatches that will leave you awestruck. The Latest HiFuture Smartwatches are Powered with the latest technology and are crafted in a stylish design that will leave a latest impression on all onlookers.

Here’s a sneak peak into what the new smart wearables by HiFuture Group have to offer: 

The Perfect Fitness Gear

Keeping in mind the needs of all gym lovers and fitness freaks, the HiFuture Smartwatches are packed with Fitness Mode Features that suit all fitness goals from calorie tracking, pedometer to heart rate monitor. The soon to be launched smart watches are also water and sweat resistant and come with an adjustable strap to give the athlete a holistic experience with great comfort. Upgrade to a smart way of living and take your training sessions to the next level. 

Some of the coolest feature of HiFuture Smart Watches Include:

  • IP68 Waterproof 
  • Workout Mode 
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Replaceable Strap 
  • Heart Rate Monitoring 
  • Pedometer
  • Notification Sync – Call, Text, Calendar and Selected Apps

The HiFuture smart wearables are compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Get the most accurate monitoring of your performance and achieve all your fitness goals.

State of The Art Design and Style

Explore the tech savvy features to get the best out of your workout session or wear it as a statement piece. The Designer Smartwatches by HiFuture Group are perfect for all occasions. You can suit up for a corporate gig or style it for a casual meet. Perfect finishing and stylish body makes the HiFuture smart wearables the best choice for a Smart Life. All that a price so affordable you won’t believe it’s true. 

Wish to own this classic piece blend of Designer Fitness Gear? Stay tuned with HiFuture Group and be the first one to step into the world of smart technology.