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Concentrating and maintaining focus can get difficult sometimes. Especially in the current work from home scenarios. There are tons of things going on around us and which tend us to lose focus and get distracted. 

To be productive while working from home it is important that you have the right setup and equipment. 

A comfortable place to work, a strong and stable internet connection and good headphones is all you need. 

If you are someone who needs to take a lot of calls while you juggle between home chores a good pair of bluetooth headphones or TWS earbuds is a good choice for you. Wireless earbuds give you the freedom to move around the place while staying connected at work. Also, the noise cancellation features of these earphones are a great deal if you are always surrounded with people. 

For the people in the creative field, little music while working really sets the mood and is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

No matter what the field or the type of work, uninterrupted concentration is a must to work efficiently. 

So to help you get some quality work done, here are some of the best earphones, earbuds and ANC headphones by Future Group that will suit all your work from home needs.  

BassBuds Pro 

Powered with Qualcomm and APTx enhanced the HiFuture Bassbuds Pro are a great choice for those who are constantly plugged. Super comfortable fit, long lasting battery life and stable bluetooth connection makes the Bassbuds Pro one of the best TWS earbuds in the market. They come in a super stylish and pocket friendly fabric case which makes them easy to carry and charge wherever you go.  


The HiFuture OlymBuds are a great choice for the all-rounder in you. Special enogromic designs and comfortable fit with sweat and water resisting ability make the HiFuture OlymBuds the best earbuds for all your activities ranging from work to workout. The OlymBuds battery last up to 5 + 20hrs making them durable for long working hours. 


Swift seamless pairing, High Definition Audio Quality and a light-weight comfortable fit is what makes the HiFutureBuds the best TWS earbuds choice for those are always connected on the go. 

FlyAir TWS Earbuds 

Lightweight and super comfortable, the HiFuture FlyAir are the best wireless earbuds in the market available at an affordable price. The FlyAir are powered with Ultra Bass Technology and Dual Master Control which make them ideal for day to day use. 

Touch ANC 

Enjoy an uninterrupted working time with the HiFuture Touch ANC headphones. The super comfortable and powerful headphones are a great choice for focused work. The HiFUture Touch ANC headphones come with a built-in touch sensor for volume and track control, and are powered with bluetooth 4.0 which offers a stable connection which makes them one of the best ANC headphones in the market. Touch ANC bluetooth headphones give a great cinematic audio experience making it a great gaming partner as well. 

Headphones are a necessity more than a luxury these days. Earbuds are a great partner while working, travelling or simply relaxing. Just tune into your favourite beats and relax. All HiFuture products are designed to give you the best audio experience at affordable prices while keeping your comfort and need in focus. 

Hifuture earbuds and headphones go through an extensive quality control process before reaching you. We know you value quality, and certainly value you!