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Why do you need ANC in TrueAir ANC?

When many leading audio companies were only focusing on Passive Noise Cancellation or reduction, HiFuture was already steps ahead of them and built its Active Noise Cancellation earbuds, TrueAir ANC. It’s Active Noise Cancellation technology and ergonomic design along with other features made it the best available noise cancellation earbuds in the market. Our engineers and designers kept in mind just one thing, comfort of our users and the integration of ANC in their daily life. But why ANC?

The audio industry has been growing across the world incessantly with the rise of neck bands and truly wireless earbuds taking over from the generic wired earphones. One feature that has been making the rounds in recent times on these products is ANC or Active Noise Cancellation. A feature that, until very recently, was limited to flagship-grade products.

But, with all such features, there arises a question, what are the features of ANC and is it really worth it?

What is Active Noise Cancellation?

Active Noise Cancellation or ANC  is a technique to keep the ambient noise away from your audio listening experience. Most headphones or earbuds do make use of some noise-cancelling technique, usually in the form of eartips or ear cuffs that reduce the outside noise by some amount, via a method dubbed passive noise cancellation.

In comparison, ANC is a feature that is present within specific earbuds and is far more complex than the usual passive noise cancellation. Workings wise, earbuds or earphones with ANC support integrate specific microphones made to cancel the external noise present in your surroundings to make the audio experience noise-free for the listener.

Benefits of ANC embedded earbuds or headphones 

  • * May help in reducing stress caused by sensory overstimulation
  • * Reduces stress and increases productivity in noisy work environments
  • * Neodymium magnet systems installed in each headphone provides superior sound quality and increased fidelity
  • * Noise cancellation can be turned off so that the user can hear others speaking
  • * Frequency ranges of between five and 24,000 Hertz
  • * Active noise cancellation rates of up to 94%
  • * Earbud that is padded and adjustable to fit any size or shape head
  • * Thick, soft ear cushions promoting the ability to inhibit external noise interference
  • * Ability to fold up for easy storage in protective carrying case
  • * Most include detachable cord around four or five feet in length and 1/4-inch adapters

So, now you know that Active Noise Cancellation is not just about cancelling external noise but has added benefits as well. Don’t wait. TrueAir ANC is waiting to be adorned in your ears. Get the best out of technology today!

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